It was one of those warm March afternoons that tease us into spring.  The flag-draped coffin was mounted in the outside grotto at Quantico Memorial Park.  I’d just finished the prayers of commitment and a young marine was playing taps as a final tribute to Roland’s service to the country.  

I looked across at his wife to see one small tear well up in her eye and streak down her beautiful brown skin.  With such dignity and strength she bore the past days that we all know about but really don't until we walk their jumble minutes and hours.  

My heart so hurt as I saw that tear.  I could feel that it was but the tiniest of a torrent just waiting to overflow.   Of buckets of sadness and anger and hurt and of if only.

My prayer is that she finds comfort in that private place of memories and that the promise of new life begins, in a small way, to bring a spring of peace.


04/07/2012 10:23am

This is very beautiful


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