Melt Away


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2:00 a.m.

I just left hospice exhausted after a long day with previous visits, teaching, and a wonderful working dinner with our national dean.

Just after dropping our dean at the hotel, I retrieved a voice message from a family whose sister had finally passed away – released from a body that was so hurt, so broken by disease and anxiety.  I am reminded by my partner’s father’s advice to me at the passing of my own father, “Bill, there are some things worse than living.”  

I was able to spend time with the family, helping with funeral arrangements and praying together – reminding us that God-with-us is present in the midst of the exhaustion of the dying vigil and the first steps of grief.

As I walked across the early winter leaves turned ashen to my jeep, I reminded myself that this is his ministry; I’m just a talent agent representing someone so exquisite.   I felt a prayer in me, not just to decrease but to melt away – to disappear in God and in his love. 

Even in our pain, in the scandal of the Cross, there is the sunlight of a living God peeking in and inviting us into himself.


03/24/2012 8:22am

This reminded me of some of the letters of the mystics. Very beautiful


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