I had been visiting with Mary for the past week.  She had the wonderful, genteel charm of a true southern belle, even wearing lipstick and earrings when she could.   As a Roman Catholic, the daily prayer of the rosary and a real devotion to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, were a constant.  

We were able to pray the rosary together during a number of my visits.  Sometimes we’d say the prayers together, other times she’d listen to the soothing balm of the prayers – so familiar and so important to her.

During one of our visits, she asked me what I thought dying might be like --- she like so many of those at the end of life – know they are dying.  

“Mary, I think it’s like closing your eyes to this world and immediately opening them up on the other side where you’ll find yourself in the loving arms of God the Father.  And all those folks who have gone before, they’d be there for you.”

That was the last time I visited with Mary.  She is gone now.  Yet, in the depths of my being, I know that she is in the tight embrace of a welcoming God and is joined in the communion of all the Saints.


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