On January 13th, I had the privilege of officiating at the funeral of Linley Carlyle Michael.  In my reflection post, you’ll read about the most amazing family and a large-than-life man who was always loving and kind.  He was a prankster, peacemaker, and a never-give-up fighter.   

His wife and six sons loved him intensely -- and they still do.  If anything, that love has grown since the funeral.  As Dominican priest Fr. Bede Jarrett reminds us: Life is unending because love is undying.  I believe this because I see it so often. 

A month after his death, his wife, sons, family and friends gathered to celebrate a first-month memorial mass and share dinner.  Part of the gathering was to view a wonderful video tribute made by his family.  Please watch this wonderful video

The video is titled Prometheus, the Greek mythological champion of mankind known for his wily intelligence who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mortals.   This is who Linley Michael was and remains to his family -- a man with a passion for life and a love for all.

This wonderful video has a number of powerful messages from Linley.   I’ll share just two (but there are many):
  • You only live once, but if you live it right, once is enough
But, for me the most powerful is the question Linley asks us all:
  • If you were arrested for kindness would there be enough evidence to convict you?
For Linley, the evidence is overwhelming -- a conviction is assured.  May it be so for us all.

Linley Carlyle Michael ~ 1939 –2012 ~ Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather



Lionel Michael
03/25/2012 3:37pm

Fr. Bill.
Thank you again, You never fail to surprize us. Your words, your wisdom and your sense of blogging. it is just amazing. Thank you again for sharing this video with the rest of the world.


Fr. Bill
03/25/2012 3:46pm

Lionel - The joy is mine. I was and me so honored to be invited into your life at such a tender moment. You are incredible people and I continue to be touched by the magnitude of your dad. It's so easy to believe in God when I see people like you. Let's all pray to St. Linley.

03/25/2012 10:12pm


Lionel Michael
03/26/2012 10:33am

Aunt Bev, it is you who are the awesome one. Thank you

John Yapp
06/17/2012 9:52am

I happened to try and look up Linley Michael, an old friend and shooting companion from Islamabad/Rawalpindi times circa 1974. I was deeply saddened to see I should have done so a year ago. We had some great times together, his wife preparing delicious curries while we sampled Scotland's bets known export while exchanging exaggerated claims about the previous weekend's shikar. I remember his little boys: Noel was then the baby. Please give my belated condolences and fondest best wishes to the family. I would lovev to hera from any of them or any mutual friends like Keith Gonsalves (their best man) who emigrated to Canada circa 1974 or George Gomes who went to the US circa 1976. Linley was terrific company, I have always missed him.

Dusty Micael
06/18/2012 9:27am

Dear John,

This is to good to be true. I remember you very well and your wife Betty Yapp. Seeing your comment was the last thing I imagined. but here it is and here I am.
My name is Dusty I am Linley's second eldest. Tintin is the oldest remember us because we have never forgotten you, your mustache and your stories. Thank you for your kind words about my dad. He passed away on January 11, 2012 in the US.. Mom is well and so is the rest of the family. We are all in the USA in Virginia. Would love to give you more details and show you photos of dad and the family. Hope you will keep in touch. You can contact me at lionelmichael@hotmail.com of find me on facebook.com/Dusty Michael.

I will let mom and tintin know that you made contact.
Best wishes.



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