Easter Exultet
 Shake out your qualms. Shake up your dreams. Deepen your roots. Extend your branches. 
Trust deep water and head for the open, even if your vision shipwrecks you. 
Quit your addiction to sneer and complain. 
Open a lookout. 
Dance on a brink. Run with your wildfire. 
You are closer to glory leaping an abyss than upholstering a rut. 
Not dawdling. Not doubting. Intrepid all the way, walk toward clarity. 
At every crossroad be prepared to bump into wonder. 
Only love prevails. 
En route to disaster insist on canticles. 
Lift your ineffable out of the mundane. 
Nothing perishes; nothing survives; everything transforms! 
Honeymoon with Big Joy!
 ~ James Broughton ~
 (Sermons of the Big Joy)


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